Zone in Germany full of new experiences

The extended zones in Germany and Poland are still with us this year, so we’ve prepared a number of places you can go with our cars to enjoy a relaxing holiday with friends or a romantic trip with your partner.

Aquapark Tropical Island

Less than 60 km southeast of Berlin is a tropical island! Not so much an island as a modern theme park that will make you feel like you’re on holiday in a tropical paradise.

You can enjoy the beautiful warm weather all year round in the small town of Krausnick, where in addition to a huge water park you will also find the largest sauna world in Europe.


Dresden’s history, attractions, and many other points of interest to explore. Choosing just a few of them to dedicate your day trip to won’t be easy. You can visit the Zwinger Castle complex with its world-famous museums and renowned art gallery, the unusual German Hygiene Museum or the local zoo, which is dedicated to Asian fauna. It is only 150 km from Prague by motorway. Parking directly opposite the entrance costs €1 for three hours or €3 for the whole day. However, you can walk through the zoo in three hours, so feel free to choose the shorter option. A zoo ticket costs €12 for an adult and €4 for a child.


About ten kilometres east of Rhine, near the small town of Donaustaf, a unique structure rises on a hill above the Danube. The Walhalla Memorial is a magnificent classical building, which was built between 1830 and 1842 by King Ludwig I of Bavaria according to plans by the architect Leo von Klenz as a memorial to important personalities. Inside the memorial are 1,234 statues of artists, soldiers and other famous people.

Stezka korunami stromů v Bavorsku

The Bavarian Forest beckons all visitors for an amazing experience in the beautiful countryside. Near the town of Neuschönau, you can walk among the treetops up to 25 metres above the ground. At the end of the 780-metre-long wooden hiking trail, you can then climb half a kilometre to a 44-metre-high lookout point, known as the Bavarian Eiffel Tower, from which you can see not only the German side of the Bavarian Forest, but also the Lusatian Mountains, one of the most beautiful mountains in the Bohemian Forest.

Germany offers many opportunities for a trip. Unfortunately we can’t fit them all in here, but we still believe there are plenty to choose from! Take a relaxing and cultural trip to Germany with our cars and discover something new.

Also, don’t forget to fill up your rental car before you cross the border. If you need to fill up in Germany, use only OMV stations with the same procedure as in the Czech Republic. In extreme cases, you can also use BP/ARAL or Eni. When refuelling, you just need to call the helpline, which will give you the PIN for your fuel card, which can be found in the passenger compartment.