Why is carsharing simply eco-friendly?

In today’s world, climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent topic. More people are seeking ways to contribute to a sustainable future. One of these innovative approaches is carsharing. This trend has not only become a modern form of transportation but also an important step towards a more sustainable way of traveling.

According to the latest STEM/MARK survey, over half of Prague residents utilize our services. Thanks to you, our customers, we are collectively contributing to a greener environment.

Instead of owning a vehicle, you have access to cars when you truly need them. This not only reduces the number of cars on the roads but also opens the door to environmental benefits that we will explore further.

Fuel Savings

Modern technology in shared vehicles allows for more efficient fuel usage. Our hybrid cars save fuel by combining the power of a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor, ultimately resulting in less fuel consumed per journey. It’s thanks to this eco-friendly approach that we also contribute to emission reduction and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Reducing New Car Production

Traditional car ownership involves a rapid turnover of the vehicle fleet. Carsharing changes this paradigm – cars are used more efficiently and for longer periods. This means fewer new vehicles manufactured and, consequently, fewer old vehicles ending up in landfills. With fewer new cars, there’s a reduced need for raw materials and energy for their production. Carsharing thus contributes to sustainable production and the conservation of our planet’s valuable resources.


One of the primary issues in urban areas is a lack of parking spaces. Carsharing tackles this issue by allowing one vehicle to be used by multiple people throughout the day, reducing the need for extensive parking areas. Since our fleet consists of hybrid cars, they can be parked in all residential zones.

Ecological Urban Planning

Carsharing also supports the transformation of urban planning. More space for parks, cycling paths, and green areas translates to a more pleasant and healthier environment for all residents.