Welcome spring with Anytime!

Take advantage of the upcoming spring weather and go on an unforgettable trip. Why not try a day or weekend tariff and discover the beauty of the surrounding nature? If you are fans of history and culture, we have a great tip for you.

Mníšek Pod Brdy Castle

This gem is located in the center of the city and offers a beautiful combination of nature, parks, and classical architecture. The castle has a rich history and was the seat of lower nobility for many generations. It was first discovered by the end of 13th century and today you can see its beauty after the reconstruction in 2000. During the exterior and interior tour, you will learn more about the lives of the previous owners.

When you head to the castle park, you will gain a wonderful view of the landscape panorama and can enjoy the beauty of nature and the variety of trees and flowers. This is especially appreciated in the springtime when the cherry blossoms bloom, and the park is filled with the harmony of colors, making the castle park a perfect place for exploring cultural heritage and taking photographs.

The journey from the center of Prague takes only 32 minutes on the highway, and admission to the castle ranges from 60 to 160 CZK. Visit the state castle website for a detailed price list and other information.

So don’t hesitate to embark on your adventurous trip with Anytime and gain unforgettable experiences!