We have scooters!

We have scooters!

Fresh and fun drive around town during warm summer days is now just a few clicks away in our app.

You will already see two types of scooters on the map – Yuki Matrix and Yuki Via. Both scooters are ideal companions for rides around town or a short trip outside of Prague.

The scooters are equipped with a helmet – in Matrix you can find it under the seat, while Via has two helmets, placed in the trunk in case you want to go on a trip with a friend. For both models, a group B driver’s license is enough, i.e. what you already have.


How to rent a scooter?

The process of renting a scooter is very similar to what you are used to with our cars. You can see the current availability of scooters on the map, make a reservation and have 20 minutes of free booking. Please take pictures of the scooter before and after the rental, so that any damage is not on you.

As soon as you start a rental in the app, the ignition is turned on and the starter can be used. When using the starter, the side stand must not be tilted. When starting, hold any brake and the engine will start.

When you want to put the scooter into parking mode or end the rental, the ignition will turn itself off.

At the end of the ride, make sure that the scooter is parked stably on the stand and that it does not fall off the stand during the first summer breeze.


10 minutes for 1 CZK

We give all our customers who have completed their registration by 13.5.2024 a 10-minute test drive for 1 CZK, so that you can try the scooter in peace. The offer is valid until 15.6. and there is no need to do anything, we will turn it on for you automatically in the app.


Yuki Via

Yuki Via is an urban scooter that has slightly more power than Matrix. In addition, it contains an LCD display, full LED lights and USB for charging your mobile phone.

Yuki Via has a storage box with two helmets inside. So nothing prevents you from going on a short trip with your partner or friend. The key to the box can be found in the space under the seat.


Yuki Matrix

The Matrix has slightly wider tires, so it offers more stability, which may come in handy for novice riders. It also offers a bit more space if you’re taller,

Yuki Matrix has its helmet under the seat, where you can also find papers for both models.

All scooters are also equipped with disposable helmet nets, so you don’t have to worry about reduced hygiene if you share a helmet.

Rent for few minutes or small trips

The home and permitted zone for scooters will be the same as for cars. We only excluded Kladno from the home zone.

The scooters will offer both minute tariffs and an advantageous tariff for 1 hour. But what would summer be without trips? We have prepared a Moto Trip tariff for you, in which you can rent for 6 hours and drive 50 km for 399 CZK. For even more favorable tariffs, use the TOP UP function.