Top 5 tips for sport in Prague

Spring is here and it’s time for fun and sports! Whether you prefer rollerblading or love climbing, Prague has the best places for physical activities. And the best part? With Anytime, you’re there in no time! Here are 5 tips you shouldn’t miss:

Letňany Forest Park 

For those who are looking for a peaceful sports weekend in nature, we recommend Letnany Forest Park with its 2000 meters of asphalt roads, hilly peaks and beautiful nature. Whether you’re on a bike, rollerblades or just walking with your kids, this place is ideal for everyone. And what’s more? With Anytime, you can park right next to the forest park!

Big Wall Climbing Center Vysočany 

Love climbing? Visit the Big Wall Climbing Center in Prague’s Vysočany. With over 3000 m² of climbing surface and up to 20 m high walls, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, each wall offers different structures according to difficulty. Information about prices is here.

Yoga Movement 

Want to enjoy a relaxing Sunday, but also do something for your health? Yoga Movement in Prague is a great place for yoga classes for beginners and advanced. Inside you’ll find a calm atmosphere and interior inspired by Southeast Asia. You can choose from a variety of workshops and classes that will suit you. For more information on prices and spaces, visit the website here.

Olšanka Sports Center 

For active athletes, we recommend visiting the Olšanka Sports Center, where you’ll find up to 10 sports facilities including a gym, swimming pool, sauna, massages, and more. You can play badminton with your family or friends at very reasonable prices. More info can be found here.

Skatepark under the Hlávka Bridge 

A relatively newly exposed park is located directly under the Hlávka Bridge on the Vltava River. Not only can you ride the curves of the skateboard ramps, but you can also go wild on BMX, rollerblades or even play basketball. This place combines the urban atmosphere with art and is located right next to the river, so you’ll have a beautiful view of Prague.

Let’s go for sports!