Tips for Responsible Driving

Many of you know that May is the month of safety, so we would like to focus on traffic regulations today.

Sometimes we all feel tempted to speed up a little, but it doesn’t always pay off. Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with a GPS locator that can record your current speed and the course of your journey. If you were to receive a ticket from a radar that measures speed in a certain road section, we will forward it to your registered email and deduct it from your payment card along with a fine for violating traffic regulations on the roads. To avoid these complications, we recommend slowing down and driving considerably.

Furthermore, we would advise you to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Unexpected situations sometimes occur on the roads, and they can be better handled with a larger gap between vehicles.

Moreover, it is important to avoid situations such as parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities, on sidewalks, in front of garage entrances, or on yellow lines. Keep in mind that a vehicle that is visually conspicuous and violates traffic regulations always attracts more attention.

Finally, we would like to thank you for travelling safely in our cars. Together, we can contribute to increasing road safety and enjoy a carefree journey!