Tips for cafes

Not in the mood for long walks in winter? We recommend warming up with good coffee in a café with a pleasant atmosphere! Here are a few suggestions for you, so get inspired, take carsharing, and head out.


Offers not only great coffee and a wide selection of dishes but also a fantastic atmosphere with a hipster twist. The space includes clothing stores, offices, and a dance studio on the second floor of the café.


The first Vietnamese café in Prague, Cafefin, serves excellent coffee, brunch, and both Asian and modern European cuisine. Try the “avo toasty” or fresh desserts. You’ll definitely enjoy the coffee and food here.

Kavárna co hledá jméno

One of the most well-known cafés in Prague, located in Smíchov, offering a pleasant atmosphere with a wide selection of food and specialty coffee. Enjoy homemade lemonades, pastries, and the renowned eggs benedict.

Coffee Corner Bakery 

Among the best brunch spots in Prague, Coffee Corner Bakery stands out with great coffee, a cozy interior, and outdoor seating. The extensive breakfast menu and comfortable environment make it an ideal choice for brunch lovers.

Miners Coffee

With more than seven branches in Prague, such as near Libeňský Bridge, in Vinohrady, or Žižkov, Miners Coffee not only serves excellent coffee but also desserts, special seasonal lattes, and refreshing iced drinks. The spaces are perfect for socializing or as a great place to work and relax.

Gram Café a Bistro

Located in Vinohrady, Gram Café a Bistro attracts with its beautiful setting suitable for both work and informal gatherings with friends. It offers a tasty brunch, great coffee, and a full menu to satisfy your taste buds all day.