New Toyota Aygo X is here!

Introducing the Toyota Aygo X: Your ideal carsharing companion

If you’re looking for a car to navigate busy city streets, look no further than the Toyota Aygo X. Compact, stylish and fuel-efficient, this car is an excellent choice for carsharing customers who need a reliable and comfortable vehicle for their urban adventures.

Compact and urban design

The Toyota Aygo X is designed with urban driving in mind. Its dimensions enable easy handling of narrow streets and tight parking spaces, which are common challenges in urban areas. Whether weaving through traffic or slipping into a tight parking spot, the Aygo X handles it all with ease.

Advanced technology

Despite its small size, the Aygo X is equipped with advanced technologies that enhance your driving experience. The user-friendly infotainment system offers seamless connectivity with your smartphone, allowing you to easily access navigation, music and hands-free calling. You no longer need a cable to connect to Android Auto or Apple Car Play, just connect via Bluetooth and the on-board assistant will take care of the rest. There are also parking cameras for even easier parking.

Comfort and convenience

The interior of the Ayga X is surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a compact car. Ergonomically designed seats and intuitive controls ensure a pleasant ride, whether you’re going to work, shopping or exploring the city.

Stylish and fun

Aygo X is not only practical, it is also stylish and fun. Its elegant design catches your eye at first glance. Behind the wheel, you’ll appreciate the responsive handling and nimble performance that makes every drive fun.


The selection of tariffs is the same as for other car models. So you can go for a few minutes or for the whole weekend.