Land of Adventure – Poland

We wrote about the zone in Germany last time. Today, we’ll take a look at where you can take our cars to Poland. As well as historical sites, Poland offers other attractions such as gold panning and the 3rd largest zoo in Europe. Choose a trip to suit you and head to Poland for a unique experience.

Discover the golden sands

The gold-bearing sands of the Kaczawa River, which flows through Zlatoryja, also gave this Silesian town its name. Gold was mined in the river sands as early as the Middle Ages, but you can still find amateur gold prospectors at the Kaczawy today. The local association of gold prospectors has been organising a ‘world championship’ in panning here for years.

Castle as a headquarters during World War II

On the outskirts of Valbřich stands a massive romantic castle, one of the largest buildings in Central Europe. The castle, which originally belonged to the Polish Duke Bolk, was extensively rebuilt several times by its German owners, the Hochbergs, most recently in the early 20th century. During the war, the castle was chosen by the Nazis as a place for Hitler’s headquarters. They drilled many tunnels through the mountain below the castle and built underground bunkers. However, the front advanced too quickly at the end of the war, so Hitler never used the castle. Today it is a hotel, so you can, figuratively speaking, sleep in a bed prepared for Hitler.

A waterfall that won’t leave you high and dry

Miedzygórze (English: Wolf Mine) – a tiny village located in the Polish province of Lower Silesia, in the district of Klodzko, very accessible for all Czech tourists. Thick greenery around the waterfall, gorges, artificial bridges, resting places – all this creates an incredible scenery of the place. None of the visitors can get enough of the bubbling water flow and for taking photos, this place is literally perfect. Entrance to the entire area surrounding the waterfall is free. For better orientation, there are signs leading through this reserve, namely a red hiking trail that starts from the parking lot at Wojska Polskiego Street.

Polish Zoo

If you are a zoo lover and you would like to visit a zoo abroad for a day, you definitely have to go to the Polish capital Wroclaw near the Czech border. This zoo has a rich history. Back in 1865, the gates to one of Poland’s largest zoos first opened. At that time, bears, wolves, pheasants, foxes and eagles were kept here. Today, Wroclaw is one of the most modern zoos in Europe. In terms of the number of animal species, it is the third largest zoo in Europe with a total of 1132 individual animal species.

If your desire to travel again is rising, take the first option and choose a destination to visit first. Poland or Germany, both have something to offer for a great trip. For longer trips abroad, we recommend the Corolla Combi or Hatchback, C-HR models, whose space allows comfortable travel for the whole crew.