How to choose best tariff for your trip?

In our application, you will find a wide range of tariffs. To always travel as advantageous as possible, it is crucial to plan your journey well. Each tariff has its own usage and is suitable for various situations and durations. To help you make better decisions on where and when to use each tariff and avoid unnecessary costs, you can draw inspiration from the following tips and recommendations.

Minute tariff: Ideal for short rides, such as going to a meeting or work. However, keep in mind that if the journey takes approximately an hour or longer, you will be better off with the hourly tariff.

1-hour tariff: A quick and efficient transportation option within the city. It is suitable for shopping or shorter work meetings. If you need simple transportation from point A to point B, this tariff is a great choice since shorter routes take around an hour.

3-hour tariff: Suitable for attending short events where you will need the car for the return journey as well. If you plan on having longer shopping trips or meetings, this option is more advantageous than repeatedly taking the hourly or minute tariff.

6-hour tariff: With the 6-hour tariff, you can visit landmarks, take a short family trip outside the city, or go for a swim. This tariff is especially worthwhile if you know you won’t spend much time at the destination and will need the car for the return journey.

24-hour tariff: An excellent choice for day-long trips around the Czech Republic. You can travel freely and explore various places. This tariff is also suitable for those who have multiple stops in one day and do not want to search for available vehicles or deal with public transportation.

2-day tariff: With this tariff, you can explore near cities and even travel to countries in allowed zone. This includes trips to Dresden, Munich, Berlin in Germany, or Wroclaw in Poland. Although it’s called “Weekend,” you can use it during the week as well.

If you find out, that the tariff that you chose wasn’t enough for your trip, you can turn on another tariff. For example, if you choose tariff option 1 hour, you can set another 1 hour after finish.

To save even more, follow our email communication and social media, where we inform about ongoing promotional events and special tariff options such as our summer packages. We also recommend always having a topped-up account using the TOP UP feature to get up to a 20% discount on everything. You can find the complete price list here.