How to Anytime: Seats

Many of our users would like to know how to adjust various functions in their car, such as seat position, seat heating or air conditioning. We want to ensure your comfort, so here we show you where to find all the settings and what they do.

Seat position

  • If you need to adjust your legroom, reach slightly under the seat to find the metal lever. Just pull it up and you can adjust the seat forwards or backwards to suit your needs.
  • If you like to sit more upright, there is a plastic lever on the left side of the seat. The lever, which is further forward (see picture), is used to adjust the seat height. If you pull it upwards, the seat will rise. If you need to adjust the seat lower, just push down.
  • No one likes to lie down while driving. You adjust the position of the backrest using the larger lever (see picture), which is located behind the aforementioned seat height adjustment lever.

Seat heating

  • A very important point as winter approaches is the seat heating. If you want to stay warm throughout your journey, you can switch on the seat heating for yourself or your passenger, directly on the dashboard (see picture – point 1). If you’re looking for heating in a Yaris, for example, you’ll find the seat heating function between the seats by the handbrake. In the case of the Corolla, the seat heater is hidden in the front of the centre console, about 30 cm below the radio level. Here you can choose from a moderate degree of heating to the highest level, which can bake. We therefore recommend that you use the maximum heating power only in an unheated car and then reduce the level.


Cabin of the CH-R model

Cabin of the Corolla model

Cabin of the Yaris model


We hope this article has helped you and that the next time you settle into one of our cars, you’ll already know how to make your ride more enjoyable. If you have any questions about the features in your car, feel free to message us on any of our social media channels and we’ll create another article to answer your question, depending on the number of inquiries.