How to Anytime: Mirror settings

When using the car, you must keep an eye on the situation around you and look in your rear-view mirrors. Many of our users would like to know how to adjust their mirrors for seat position, and since we want to ensure your safety, we will briefly cover this in the article.

Mirrors settings

Our fleet consists of multiple Toyota models. The mirror settings are no different, except for the Toyota Yaris, which has controls located on the left under the steering wheel on the dashboard.

The Yaris has push-button mirror controls. The longitudinal button has 3 positions. If you press the button on the left, you start controlling the driver’s rear view mirror and if you press the button on the right, you start controlling the passenger’s mirror. Once the button is in the horizontal position, you do not control any mirror. The angle adjustment and movement, is by using the arrow keys (left, down, up, right). The Yaris also has a tilt function on the button with the mirror emblem.

The Toyota Corolla and C-HR have controls located on the driver’s door. There is a Joystick that controls all mirror functions. Turn the knob to the left to start the driver’s mirror adjustment and turn the knob to the right to start the passenger’s mirror adjustment. Once you have one selected, just move the button 360 degrees like the joystick and the rear view mirror will rotate accordingly.

The centre rear view mirror is manually adjusted on all models and should be positioned so that you can see the entire rear window.

In the rear view mirrors, it is important to be able to see a small side of your car, the road, and especially the car in the next lane. Remember that mirrors have so-called blind spots and you need to be careful of this.