How to Anytime: Keeping it clean

Cleanliness and maintaining order in intended to ensure all passengers’ safety and comfort for all users. Shared transportation, such as car-sharing, offers many benefits, but it also places responsibility on each of us who use these services.

Everyone who travels in a shared vehicle is interested in it being clean, tidy, and comfortable. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to always take the time to clean the vehicle after your rental, if necessary. Although minor damage or dirt may seem to have little impact on comfort, the truth is that maintaining order and cleanliness contributes to overall comfort and a positive riding experience.

Rules apply to every shared vehicle, intended to ensure all passengers’ safety and comfort. If you travel with a pet, please bring a transport crate to prevent damage to the vehicle’s interior. Smoking of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the vehicle.

We understand that sometimes unwanted damage to the vehicle or dirt may occur, but in such cases, you should contact customer service and inform us of the situation. Together, we will then try to address the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our users who adhere to all terms and conditions and rules for using shared vehicles. Your cooperation and responsibility are very important to us and contribute to providing quality and safe services for all passengers.