How to Anytime: Air Conditioning

Setting the temperature in a vehicle can sometimes be a tricky situation, and users may often have difficulty with it. In our article, we will show you that there is nothing to worry about, and you will enjoy your ride more at the ideal temperature. Although the position of the settings (such as seat heating) may vary in different Toyota models, the function remains the same.

  1. Number one is the seat heating, which is very useful in winter situations. In the C-HR model, there are 3 levels of heat. We recommend using the third and highest level only when warming up the vehicle, as it can really burn. In the Toyota Corolla, the function is High (strong) or Low (weak), and the Toyota Yaris has only one level.
  2. Number two is the front windshield defrost, which is also useful in winter or when the front windshield is fogged up.
  3. Under number three, you will find automatic blowing. It maintains the temperature you set and, most importantly, operates in areas where it is the coldest or warmest to keep the temperature constant. We recommend combining it with item 11.
  4. It works on the same principle as item two. The difference is that the rear window has “heated strips” on it, so no air blows.
  5. Button number 5 turns off the entire air conditioning system, but the seats can remain on.
  6. Number 6 allows you to set a specific air temperature for either the driver or the passenger. Throughout the year, we recommend maintaining a temperature of 21-22 degrees Celsius.
  7. You can adjust the intensity of the airflow under button number 7.
  8. Under number 8, you can set the direction of the airflow into the cabin.
  9. When you press the closed cycle button, the outside air is closed off (for example, when driving through a tunnel), but the air circulates inside.
  10. When the DUAL button is turned on, the passenger can set their own temperature.
  11. Represents two functions. The ECO mode helps to reduce emissions and save on fuel, but the car heats up more slowly. The FAST mode is good to combine with the AUTO button (item number 3) when entering the car. You set the temperature and the vehicle heats up quickly where it is needed.
  12. Finally, we have button number twelve. By turning on the air conditioning compressor, the vehicle will not cool without turning on the “A/C,” but we recommend using this function even in winter. In this case, it will dehumidify the air entering the cabin.

 Toyota CH-R cabine

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We hope this article has helped you and that the next time you settle into one of our cars, you’ll already know how to make your ride more enjoyable. If you have any questions about the features in your car, feel free to message us on any of our social media channels and we’ll create another article to answer your question, depending on the number of inquiries.