First week with Anytime

You’ve downloaded the app, registration went smoothly, and now it’s time to hit the road. Are you wondering if you missed anything before your first ride? Take a look at the most important information.

Minute rental from 3.64 CZK

All new users of Anytime automatically receive a 50% discount on all rides for the first week, including packages and minute rentals. This means that the per-minute rate starts at 3.64 CZK. An hourly rental will cost you just under 50 CZK. Take a look at the price list, and for your price, simply calculate a 50% discount.

A Car for Every Occasion

Choose from three types of cars. The Toyota Yaris, the cheapest option for those not demanding. The spacious Toyota Corolla, suitable even for families with children, or the Toyota C-HR, a comfortable SUV packed with technology. Don’t want others to know you’re using a car-sharing service? Just rent the Impress variant, which doesn’t have advertising stickers, and no one will know the car isn’t yours.

Utilize Long-Term Packages

If you’re only traveling for a few minutes, like to work, you can easily manage with the per-minute rate. But if you’re planning a longer trip, you can purchase one of the long-term packages. The shortest duration is an hour, and the longest is for 2 days. Then you only pay for the kilometers you drive, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in traffic or visits where your car is parked. At that moment, you don’t pay anything extra.

We know everything about car sharing.

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Have a great trip.