Calm picnic spots in Prague: Great time for relax!

Picnic is a wonderful way to spend your free time, connecting with nature, relaxing, and enjoying moments with family, friends, or yourself. So why not hop on Anytime and break free from the daily routine? In the app, simply choose a suitable tariff and set off. Below, you will find what you’ll need and where to go for a picnic in Prague.

What to Bring on a picnic?

A basket filled with delicious treats is, of course, an essential part of any picnic. A well-prepared picnic basket ensures that you won’t forget any important items. You can include snacks like sandwiches, fresh fruit, snacks, pastries, salads, and, of course, don’t forget refreshing beverages. Using an insulated bag or a cooler box is advisable to keep the food fresh and chilled. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a comfortable and spacious picnic blanket.

Best picnic places in Prague

Spots in Parks

in the City Center Prague is renowned for its beautiful parks and gardens, providing an ideal setting for picnics. In the city center, you can visit places such as Letná, Riegrovy Sady, Petřín Gardens, and Grébovka Park. These locations offer stunning panoramic views of the city and ample space for picnicking.

Viewpoints and Gardens

If you are looking for scenic viewpoints, you should visit places like Vyšehrad Courtyard, Vrtba Garden, or Queen Anne’s Summer Palace are excellent choices for this occasion. These places offer a beautiful atmosphere and breathtaking views of the city.

Picnic Spots by the Water

Prague also boasts several picnic spots near the water. For instance, Stromovka, Císařský Island, or Žluté lázně are popular destinations along the river. You can enjoy sitting by the riverbank, taking a stroll along the water, or even renting water sports equipment for even more fun.