Anytime carsharing in the Lítačka app

The Lítačka isn’t just a card that allows you to travel around Prague, but also a phone application. You can use it for identification, purchase short-term tickets, and search for connections. Just a few weeks ago, it mainly found conventional public transport – buses, trams, or the metro, and shared bikes. But after the latest update, you also have the option of car-sharing. Thanks to this, you can find the fastest and most efficient way around Prague.

How does it work in practice? You enter your starting point and your destination. The app will suggest whether you should take public transport or if it’s enough to walk to find the nearest Anytime car. The app will also show you the type of car waiting for you and the estimated price for your journey. However, we must note that the price may differ from the actual one. It’s just an estimate from the app, and packages or TOP UP features are not taken into account.

This is what the search looks like directly in the app (on the left). Don’t forget to have extended search enabled. In the middle, you see what the results look like. And on the right, specific car details. When you want to reserve a car, you have to head to our app and rent it as usual.

And we hope this isn’t the last innovation we’ll introduce in collaboration with Lítačka, but that’s a story for another time. And don’t forget to let us know if you use Lítačka and, if so, whether you’ve found the best connection around Prague thanks to it.