Why is carsharing the future of mobility in Prague?

Carsharing has become an increasingly popular alternative to owning a car in recent years, not just in Prague but all around the world. The growing awareness of the environmental impact of automotive transportation, economic efficiency, and simpler solutions for urban dwellers are just some of the reasons why people are turning more and more to carsharing services.

So why is carsharing the future of mobility in Prague? And what makes the brand Anytime an ideal partner for this future? Here are a few reasons:

Economic efficiency

Carsharing is economically advantageous for many people compared to owning a car. With Anytime, you can easily find the vehicle you need and only pay for what you actually use. This means you don’t have to worry about gas, maintenance, or vehicle insurance, which can be financially challenging for many people, especially in situations where you only need a car occasionally and not for daily use.


With Anytime, you can have a car available whenever you need it. Regardless of whether you need a car for a few hours or a few days, Anytime always has the right solution for you. You can choose from many different vehicles and find the one that best suits your needs, whether you need a small city car or a spacious SUV.

Ease of use

Anytime is easy to use for everyone. Registration is quick and easy, even for those who may not feel confident with technology. To register, all you need to do is download the app and fill out a few details. Then you can reserve a car. The whole process is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Environmental awareness

One of the main reasons why people are turning to carsharing is increased awareness of the environmental impact of automotive transportation. Anytime is aware of this and offers environmentally friendly vehicles. By people turning more to carsharing services, the number of cars on the roads can be reduced, and so can emissions.