Special offer: 1 + 1 hour for free

We have an offer for you that you’ll love. For every purchased hourly package, I’ll give you a second hour completely free. With the new price list, hourly rates are cheaper than before, so with this promotion, you’ll really save. How much will you pay for a two-hour rental?

Toyota Yaris – 99 CZK
Toyota Corolla – 179 CZK
Toyota C-HR – 219 CZK
Toyota Corolla Impress – 239CZK
Toyota C-HR Impress – 259 CZK

To these amounts, the price for traveled kilometers is then added. For Yaris and Corolla models, it is 8.49 CZK per kilometer, while for C-HR, C-HR Impress, and Corolla Impress, you pay 8.99 CZK for each kilometer.

As you can see, the offer applies to all Anytime cars. You can already find it in your app and it’s valid until Sunday, February 25, 2024. All prices are valid when using the TOP UP feature.