Refresh Your Summer Rides: Tips for Spotify Playlists!

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your summer carsharing rides even more, we have great tips for summer playlists on Spotify. While you soak up the sun rays, savor every minute of your trip, or prepare for a summer festival, the right music can spice up your ride.

How to listen to music via Spotify in our vehicles? 

On iOS devices, simply use the CarPlay feature, which allows you to easily listen to music on the go. Connect your iPhone to the vehicle using a cable and control your playlists directly from the vehicle’s display. Setting up and changing playlists is easy and intuitive. CarPlay allows you to fully enjoy music while driving and stay in line with safety rules.

Playlists that set the summer mood:

Summer Throwbacks 

We all sometimes wish to reminisce about the past and relive the good old days of summer vacationsThe “Summer Throwbacks” playlist offers old classics that will transport you back in time. 

Good Vibes 

When it’s hot outside and the sun shines relentlesslywe need music that energizes us and brings a positive moodThe “Good Vibes” playlist is full of songs with a positive and optimistic atmosphere. 

Playlists for adventurous trips:

Open Road Freedom

An adventure on the road requires the right music. If you’re looking for energetic tracks that give you the right drive and excitement during your journeythis is the perfect playlist. 

Festival atmosphere:

Festival Anthems 

Summer festivals are the highlight of the seasonoffering a unique atmosphere of joy and music. The “Festival Anthems” playlist brings the right festival feeling directly to your car. 

Summer Festival Vibes

There’s nothing like the feeling that a summer festival bringsFrom electronic tunes to live instrumentsthis playlist allows you to experience the festival atmosphere even while driving. 

For summer parties: 

Summer Party Anthems 

To make your party truly unforgettableyou need the right vibeThis playlist is full of dance hits that will get you pumped and dancing all night long. 

Summer Dance Hits

The “Summer Dance Hits” playlist offers songs that will transport you directly to a beach party with dance music, whether you’re heading there or not.