Outdoor swimming tips and summer tariffs

Summer is almost here and summer temperatures are here. The period of outdoor swimming begins! So that you don’t have to spend the whole summer by the pool with chlorinated water, we have prepared tips for outdoor swimming places around Prague, which are worth a try :) You can of course use our Anytime cars to travel to these places. You can put food, a sunshade, a paddleboard and an inflatable flamingo into our cars :)

Summer tariffs

You can bring one of our summer tariffs for your trip – if you plan to spend the whole day by the water, the Summer Trip tariff will come in handy, offering 12 hours of rental and 50 km starting from 499 CZK, or the Short Trip tariff for 6 hours with 20 km starting from 299 CZK.


Biotope Radotín

This whole area with a biotope has been operating since 2014. In the area you will find a swimming lake, a biological (cleaning) lake, a changing room, toilets, a children’s playground and of course, there is also refreshments. The swimming lake is divided into two parts, a part for non-swimmers, where the depth starts from 0.4 m and deepens to 1.2 m, and a part for swimmers, which is up to a depth of 3.25 m, so enthusiastic swimmers or families with children will find enjoyment here :) Price list, opening hours and all information about this habitat can be found here: http://biotopradotin.cz/

Biotope Lhotka

Another swimming place is the Lhotka biotope, which is located in Prague 4 near the Novodvorská housing estate. The swimming pool has been located here since the 1970s, however, in 2015 the entire area was extensively revitalized and subsequently in 2018 a natural swimming pool with biotope water was opened. As in the previous habitat, the swimming lake is divided into a section for swimmers and non-swimmers. In addition to the swimming lake, you will find changing rooms, showers, toilets, a club room and a snack bar in the complex. All information about this habitat can be found here: http://www.koupaliste-lhotka.cz/

Natural lake Lhota

Another tip on where to go for a swim in the summer is the natural lake Lhota, located approximately 30 kilometers from Prague. This natural area offers truly beautiful swimming in clear water, sandy beaches, shade of trees, refreshments, toilets and a children’s playground. Sports enthusiasts will also be happy here, because there is a beach volleyball and minigolf course in the area :) If you are one of the people looking for nudist beaches, this natural lake is also suitable for you :) All information about this lake can be found here: https://www.jezero-lhota.cz/

Hříměždice quarry

Approximately 60 kilometers from Prague lies the Hříměždice quarry. You can know this quarry thanks to its beauty, for example from the movie Bobule 2 or thanks to the High Jump competition as a quarry for lovers of high jumps. In addition to offering beautiful swimming in the rocks, this quarry is also an ideal place for adrenaline enthusiasts. The rocks around the quarry are numbered and several places are marked from which it is safe to jump into the quarry. In addition, you can use a swing, pontoon or diving board to jump into the water. Near the quarry there are snacks and a beach volleyball court, admission is free :)

Hostivař dam

Near the center of Prague, in a quiet area of ​​the Hostivař Forest Park, you will find the largest natural swimming pool in Prague, the Hostivař Dam. The whole area is divided into two parts for visitors, the first is the main beach and the second the nudist beach. The whole area consists of grassy and sandy beaches with a gradual entry into the water. The area includes several stalls with refreshments and cocktails, sports grounds (eg paddleboards, beach volleyball, petanque or boats, pedal boats and much more), changing rooms and of course toilets. The price of admission includes wifi in the whole area and a giant slide with two tracks and a timer :) All information about this swimming pool is here: https://www.hostivarskaprehrada.cz/

Slapy Dam

Are you looking for a good place for swimming and water sports? So be sure to try the Slapy dam. This place is located about 30 kilometers from Prague and offers several sandy and grassy beaches, which are located either within several camps or outside of civilization :) For those of you who are looking for a place where they can relax from people and be alone in nature we recommend finding beaches outside the caravan park. However, for those of you who want to enjoy a summer day by the water with people, we recommend beaches in camps, where are refreshments, toilets, changing rooms and a wide range of sports and relaxation offers, such as boat and pedal boat or paddleboard rental.