How to Anytime: First ride

Do you want to use carsharing Anytime, but you don´t know how to use it? Read this instructions before your first ride.


Before ride:

  • Open the app Anytime and reserve the nearest car (during the reservation you can choose from demand of our tarrifs – fort the first short ride we recognize to use Minute tariff)

  • For now you have 20 minutes for free, which you can use for coming to your car. If you can´t come to car during 20 minutes, your car will wait for you, but you will pay 1,99 Kč/minutes.

  • You will get another 3 minutes for free after you unlock the car. These 3 minutes you should use for checking the car and reporting possible damages. If you find some damages, you should take a picture of them. We will know, that these damages make someone else :) Don´t forget to check that in the car are refueling card and documents, which should be in the glove box.

  • Click on start rent and you can go for your trip.
    • Car is starting with the Start/stop button which you find on the right side auto next to driving wheel.
    • During start you should have the automatic transmission on lever on the “P” position and you should press the break.
    • After the car turn on (maybe u won´t hear it, beuace our cars are hybrid) move the automatic transmission on lever to the “D” position for the ride forward or “R” for the ride back and you can go for your trip.

During a rent:

  • You can move within the Permitted area which is bounded by the Czech Republic border.
    • You can check the Permitted area on the map in the Anytime carsharing CZ app.

  • Please don´t forget to comply with road traffic regulations and use the car only for private drive on official roads.
    • Using Anytime cars for competitions, training purposes and for towing is prohibited.

After ride:

  • You need to park the car in Home are (you will find it in the app) in accordance with road traffic regulations on a public place, where the parking is for free or on the “blue” or “violet” zones, where you can park with our tarrifs for free too.
  • Close all the windows and move the automatic transmission on lever to the “P” position and lift the handbreak. After this press the start/stop button and turn the car off.
  • Go out from the car, don´t forget close the doors and press the “Finish” button in the app.

  • After blinking headlights make sure that the car is really locked by the door handle.
  • Finally don´t forget make a pictures of the car according to the instructions in the app.
    • This prevents liability for damage to the vehicle caused after the end of your rental.

  • If you have any trouble please contact us at the number 777 363 363 or describe the problem to the email