Holidays in May – 48 hours for half the price

In May, we have two holidays:

1st of May – Labor Day 8th of May – Victory Day

Since these holidays fall on a Wednesday this time, it’s possible to take advantage of an extended weekend or even a whole week off. It’s up to you. And you’ll probably need a car for more than a day. That’s why we’re introducing the 🌸 May Holiday rate – 48 hours at half the price you’re used to!

The final price is then composed of the rental period fee and the number of kilometers driven according to the applicable price list.

Need a car for more than 48 hours? Not a problem, you can extend the tariff. Simply, after 48 hours, switch the tariff to hourly, then select “Buy tariff” under the May Holiday tariff, and you’ll have another 48 hours covered.

You can find May Holiday in the app now, and it can be used until May 12th.