Carsharing vs. Scooters

Carsharing and scooters offer an efficient and flexible way of urban transportation. Especially in Prague, they’ve become a must-have means of getting around, and you’ve probably hopped on one at least once. So, how do these transportation buddies differ, and what are their perks?

Carsharing vs. Scooters

Our fleet at Anytime is all about hybrids, giving CO2 emissions a serious side-eye. Our cars run on both electricity and gasoline. The combustion engine charges the electric motor while cruising, letting you switch between the two energy sources.

In our lineup, you’ll find various car models for a quick hop from point A to B, like the urban companion Toyota Yaris. For longer trips with family or friends, our comfy Corolla or C-HR is the ideal ride. Shared cars bring the comfort and space for more passengers, including luggage, suitable for both short and long distances. And when it comes to safety, shared cars generally play it safer than scooters.

Scooters, on the other hand, might be your go-to in traffic jams, ensuring a quicker arrival for shorter distances. In the Czech Republic, we’ve got Antees offering city travels for two. Just like shared cars, scooters are eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. Choosing between a scooter and a shared car often depends on your travel destination. Plus, it’s worth comparing prices for a specific route and calculating your costs in advance.


ComparisonCarsharing Scooter 
Short distanceYesYes
Long distanceYesYes
People4 – 52
Can use all year YesNo
Safe to useYesYes

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