New advantageous summer tariffs

Summer is here and with it, like every year, come long warm days that invite you to go on an adventure. Whether you are planning a short trip or a week-long vacation, our cars are ready for everything. Newly in the application, you will find discounted summer tariffs, thanks to which you can enjoy the summer to the fullest and you will not have to limit yourself to the rental time or kilometers driven.

Tariff nameTime of rentKm includedPriceKm extra
Short trip6 hours20299 CZK (399 CZK Impress)3,99 CZK/km (4,99 Kč Impress)
Summer trip12 hours50499 CZK (599 CZK Impress)3,99 CZK/km (4,99 Kč Impress)
Long weekend3 days1001399 CZK (1599 CZK Impress)3,99 CZK/km (4,99 Kč Impress)
Week7 days2002599 CZK (2999 CZK Impress)3,99 CZK/km (4,99 Kč Impress)

Tariff prices are the same for all cars (Aygo X, Yaris, Corolla, C-HR), only the Impress variants – without advertising stickers – are for a small extra charge. You don’t have to limit your kilometers if the ones included in the price are not enough for you, nothing happens and you can drive on and pay a few extra kilometers according to the table above.

All cars offer one really great thing, which is air conditioning. All your rides will be in maximum comfort for you and your passengers.

And what can tariffs be used for? Get inspired by our trip ideas.

Short trip

The short trip tariff is a great choice for days when you want to go to outdoor swimming, have a picnic, a walk in the forest or all together after work. 6 hours of rental and 20 kilometers on top will allow you to move around the city for a short rime (Hostivařská prěhrada or Průhonický park could be an ideal choice). You don’t have to worry too much about choosing a car for a short trip, grab the closest one. All our car models are more than good for a short trip.

Summer trip

The Evergreen of our “trips” series in all seasons now gets 12 hours of rental and 50 km so that you don’t have to stress about anything during a day trip. With this tariff, you can go on a hike to Mount Říp, take a day trip to visit friends and family, or simply drive get off the highway at a random place, because the best experiences are the unplanned ones :)

Long weekend

Whether you are planning to go on the water and pack a tent and sleeping bag in your trunk, or you are going to a gala among celebrities at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, our cars will reliably take you to your destination. With the Long weekend tariff, you have the car to yourself for 3 days. You can leave on Thursday evening and return on Sunday. Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily have to limit your weekends to the territory of the Czech Republic, you can go to the German, Polish and Slovak borderlands. You can find the exact map of the “allowed zone” more easily in our app.


It is sometimes necessary to switch off properly and go outside the capital for a week. Whether you decide to go for weekly walks in the Krkonoše mountains, relax in a spa or by the water, the Week tariff will ensure you complete freedom of movement without being bound by the departure times of public transport. For longer rentals, we recommend the C-HR or Corolla in the Impress variant, thanks to which you will not draw attention to yourself while driving due to advertising stickers.


So, do you already know where you are going this year? Feel free to share your experiences and travel tips on Instagram, where you can easily tag us.